These are a few pictures of some of the puppies...

So right now we have 12 adorable little butts crawling around. And I don't know if you can see it but they come in two different sizes. 4 of them are toy-poodle puppies and 8 of them are standard poodle puppies. Meaning, we have puppies in the largest and the smallest of sizes.




...Just like me! LOL, just kidding!
On top of the craving list. This gorgeous, cute, red mini purse.

So this year will start off with a huge craving for the color red. My pinterest is filled with blacks, reds, whites and greys at the moment and I really think it is this years spring trend. The color red does a lot in a picture and you actually only need a tiny detail like this mini purse to make an outfit complete. It really brings a nice touch to black and white clothings.

So be prepeared for a lot of that on my social media accounts! lol!



Just wanted to share the beautiful view we have here, in the middle of sweden at the moment, with you all.

I've been out on the road a lot these days, celebrating the holidays with family in "Dalarna", out shopping with boyfriend and friends etc. And you really can't complain when you get to see these landscapes.


Jag måste ju bara dela med mig utav den underbara vyn som vi har här, i mitten utav Sverige just nu.

Det har blivit mycket bilresor den senaste veckan. Julfirande hos familjen i Dalarna, shopping med pojkvän och lite mer shopping med mina bästa vänner. Och man kan ju verkligen inte klaga på utsikten till och från allt skoj!



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Hey guys! Sorry for the absence the last few days. I've been working at my new job and for a short time I just didn't have any motivation to do anything at all. Was not pleased with pictures etc. But I think that I'm getting back up on my feet again.

Anyways, ordered this fashion wallet case from iDeal of Sweden on Black Friday and got it a few days ago. They were out of stock at the time I ordered, that's why the delay. But I'm super pleased over the wallet and I really love the magnet function. Read more about the iDeal concept HERE .


Hey guys! Ursäktar för frånvaron här på bloggen den senaste veckan. Jag har bland annat fått ett till jobb, så det är en av orsakerna. En annan är att jag hamnat i någon form utav svacka och har inte haft någon motivation alls av att blogga. Har inte varit nöjd med bilder osv. Men, nu har jag nog kommit på fötter igen i alla fall!

Hur som helst, beställde jag hem ett plånboksfodral från iDeal of Sweden på Black Friday, som jag fick hem häromdagen. Det var slutsålt just då, därav den långa väntan. Men jag är supernöjd med fodralet och jag gillar verkligen magnet-funktionen. Läs mer om iDeal konceptet HÄR .